Who are you?

annabio  My name is Anna Ahveninen. Born and mostly schooled in Finland, I now reside in Melbourne, Australia. I completed my Bachelor of Science Advanced with Honours with a major in chemistry and a minor in geosciences in 2014. In March 2015, I began my PhD in chemistry under the supervision of Associate Professor Brendan Abrahams (and, although informally, Emeritus Professor Richard Robson) at the University of Melbourne. My PhD candidature was confirmed in February 2016.

My field of interest is inorganic chemistry: the interaction of mostly transition metal ions with organic linkers called ligands. More specifically, I work in the field of metallosupramolecular chemistry, which involves large assemblies of a number of metal centres linked by these ligands. I have a fair amount of experience in crystallography, which is a technique that allows us to effectively image the structure of a crystal. I have great love for this technique not only because of its inherent elegance and the troves of information we gain by using it, but also because of the beauty of the crystals we grow in order to use it.

Apart from research, I’m involved in shepherding undergraduates through lab classes and marking their reports, as well as occasional exam marking at the end of a semester. I run a Twitter account, Lady_Beaker, where I share my daily experiences in chemistry and in my PhD. I have a part-time job managing the social media accounts of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). I am also on the committee of the RACI Victoria Young Chemists Group.

In my free time, I enjoy petting fuzzy animals, playing video games and listening to symphonic music. I’m surprisingly serious about my ballet classes and extremely serious about knitting. I’m totally joking about quitting my PhD to become a sheep farmer.